What are Candy Shows?

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Candy Shows is a broadcast in a show format where there is much less competition between models, which gives models a chance to quickly gain an audience of loyal fans.

There are two types of Candy Shows:

  • Tip Show, where viewers simply tip the model;
  • Vibe Show, where participants send vibrations to our interactive toy.
  • The Candy Show includes a free preview, where for 5-15 minutes you show the beginning of your show and tell the audience what awaits them next, and The Show lasting 5-10 minutes if it is a Tip Show and 5-20 minutes, if it’s a Vibe Show. In this part of the show, you have to entertain your viewers as much as possible and do everything possible so that at the end of the show you are taken private.

The preview is free for all guests and participants, but guests may not interact with the model. During the preview, members who leave enough tips or vibrations can earn a spot to watch The Show. However, your viewers can tip you or send you vibrations without taking up seats to watch The Show. Your goal is to entertain your audience and have them join you in a private chat at the end of The Show!

How do Candy Shows work?

In the Candy Show you are the boss! All decisions about what and how to do depend only on you and your imagination. You can choose the length of each part of your show and how many credits a member must pay to get a spot on The Show. Before the show starts, you can also add a description of what you plan to do in your show and choose your candy mood.

If you choose Vibrator Show, you can use toys in the show, but the vibration of the toy must be automated so that members can send vibrations to you. You’ll need to purchase a special digital vibrator (if you don’t have one that’s compatible), and during your Candy show, your participants will be able to send you vibrations using a third-party app.

How to start a Candy Show?

Click “Start Video Chat” from your home page and then click “Host Candy Show” from the chat menu. Follow the instructions to set up Candy Show.

Select the display type – Tip Show or Vibe Show.
Set your preferences. Determine the length of your preview (5-15 minutes) and The Show, for Tip Show it is 5-10 minutes and for Vibe Show 5-20 minutes.
Choose how many credits members need to get a seat on the show – from 1 to 10. If you set the ticket price too low, it will take you a long time to achieve your goal, but too high a price may scare members away. It is best to set an average price.
Describe your show and what you plan to do. Tell attendees what they can expect at your show.
Confirm your choice. Once you’ve checked and confirmed what you plan to do, you can start previewing the Candy Show!

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