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Webcam platforms analyze the quality of the broadcast: they notice that your image is blurry, a strange background, or everything is somehow dark. Such broadcasts will never reach the top. The only option is the Amateur section on LiveJasmin, where there are minimum image requirements.

Camera for webcam models - tips for choosing and the best models

If you want to shoot with high quality and not limit yourself to only Amateur, you need to take care of three things:

Cameras for webcam modeling – what we look at
Let’s look at the main characteristics that affect the quality and convenience of shooting.

The matrix is the element in cameras that converts light into an image. It comes in two types: CMOS and CCD.

For streaming, webcams with a CCD matrix are ideal. They provide higher image quality without distortion. Their main disadvantage is the high cost and difficulty of purchasing.

Focus is the area of the frame that becomes sharper when shooting. Objects out of focus are blurred.

There are two types of focusing:

  • manual – adjusted through the lens ring;
  • automatic – self-adjusting.
  • It is better to choose webcams with automatic focus because they focus on moving objects. You can do whatever you want in the frame: the picture will be clear and of high quality.

Resolution – the maximum size of images and videos when shooting. We recommend 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is suitable for HD broadcasts and is often found in webcams.

Webcam is developing quickly: top streamers broadcast with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and even with virtual reality elements. For beginners, this is definitely not relevant, but you must understand: in the future you will need to work more on content.

Frame frequency
FPS is the number of frames that the camera can capture in 1 second. This indicator directly affects how fast you will move in the broadcast. The higher the FPS, the less stuttering there is.

The minimum FPS is 30 frames per second, the ideal is 60. This is enough not to turn the video into a slideshow.

Length of cable
To avoid becoming hostage to your computer desk, you need to have a long USB cable. Suitable from 1.5 meters or you can purchase an extension cord.

Microphones built into webcams transmit sound worse. For the first time, you can get by with a built-in one, but then it’s better to buy a stand-alone one.

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