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Spanking Webcam Sites: Let’s Add Something Rough

Spanking Webcam Sites

Spanking is much more than just a slap on the butt; it can really spice up your sex life. Understandably, it is present on numerous live free porn video sites: there is a demand. These platforms offer various shows and hot models: lesbian, gay, 2-girl couple, milf women, teen. They are ready to do anything to make you feel good. But let’s try to figure out why spanking is so arousing. 

Spanking Causes Tension in Bed

The word spanking is used exclusively in a sexual context. Spanking can be erotically integrated into the love game, for example, to make the foreplay hot and wicked. It is not a matter of real hits but a softened form of punishment, which is also often used in role-playing games

The Rules

You must make arrangements with your partner before spanking to create boundaries where both feel comfortable and can feel erotic pleasure. The intensity, the instruments used, frequency and duration of spanking are determined. 

You should do this beforehand to avoid interruptions or embarrassing breaks during lovemaking. So it’s better to talk about spanking again before you put your thoughts into action. In addition, you can set certain stopwords to either weaken or increase the intensity if the desire changes within the process or you want to stop altogether.

The Best Positions

The perfect positions are all in which one stands on his knees and positions himself in front of the other. The doggy position is ideal for giving a juicy slap. It is also suitable for all positions where you put on your partner’s bondage or let him tie you up before you spank him. This bondage scenario fits this form of physical chastisement, as it is about controlling the other’s body. 


The classic is the palm or a whip, like in movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey.” In addition, items such as a cane or a birch rod are also used, which you can buy in any sex shop. If you don’t have anything professional at hand right now, many things that can be found in the household are also suitable. For example, a carpet knocker or the back of a hairbrush. The only important thing is that it is not too hard and cannot lead to severe injuries. However, there are hardly any limits to your creativity in this role-playing game, try different things and decide together what feels good and can be incorporated into the love game.

If you don’t have a partner, opt for sex cam sites: hot models are ready to do anything for you. As a rule, there are traditional/homosexual couples, or threesomes ready to offer you this kind of fun. Use our tips and make your online experience even more enjoyable. 


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