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Many beginners have questions regarding the rules for uploading documents. Why do companies and webcam sites require them? Today we will give you clear examples and tips. This article will be a comprehensive guide for any aspiring webcam model who has started to register.

Most often, people become suspicious when an organization asks to provide a photograph, a scan of a passport or any other package of documents. It is worth noting that the fears of the future webcam model are not groundless. There are many scammers on the Internet, and this indirectly harms the reputation of any self-respecting company.

Convincing arguments

You should understand that you are applying for a webcam model position in our company, and we must be sure that you are already 18 years old. Moreover, each site requires a standard package of documents when creating a working profile for a model.

When registering on our website (start registration), you must read the User Agreement – this is a legal document. We can call it an agreement, which is concluded between the company and the user, and later the employee. It is also worth reading the Privacy Policy. We are criminally responsible for the illegal distribution and improper storage of your data and the data of other models. This concept also includes photographs of documents that you send during registration.

You also have the right to request our company documents. For example: license to operate, confirmation of company registration, etc. To do this, a registered webcam model just needs to write a letter to our administration.

We conclude a real employment contract on pre-agreed conditions with all successful models.

Provided package of documents

If you decide to become a webcam model and have already completed the registration procedure, before you start working you need to collect the following package of documents:

  • A scan or photo of your passport.
  • Photo with passport in hand.
  • Your photo with the current date in your hands.
  • A photo of your face.

To get started, please read the general requirements for uploaded files:

  • Photos must be taken using a digital camera or a phone (tablet) with a camera larger than 5MP.
  • Try to avoid technical defects: glare, light, strong noise, pixels, out of focus, etc.
  • Photos must be horizontal.
  • The image must be clear and in high resolution. All data should be easy to read.
  • File technical characteristics: resolution should not be lower than 1600×1200. The size should not exceed 4 MB.

How can I see the file size and resolution?

Right-click on the file.
Select the “properties” column from the list.
In the “general” tab you will see the file size. For example: 527 KB or 1.2 MB.
In the last tab “details” you will find the width and height of the photo (image resolution). For example: 1280×960.

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