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I would like to dedicate today’s topic to models who have just begun to realize themselves in virtual communication. It is the lack of experience of such webcams that attracts many unscrupulous members. There is a whole system of deception that is aimed at one thing – getting the desired show for free.

Working as a webcam model: popular ways of deception by members

An inexperienced webcam model on some sites (for example, LiveJasmin) has a special “NEW” mark on her profile, which tells members that she is a newbie. As a rule, such girls try their best to please their interlocutor, and all their knowledge, experience and feminine charm are used.

However, the first pancake, as they say, is always lumpy. According to statistics, 40% of newcomers who fall for the persuasion of a scammer become disillusioned with the webcam business, deciding to end their unfulfilled career. Let’s look at the most popular and frequently used tricks on the part of unscrupulous visitors to chat rooms for web models.

Option No. 1 – Private

Every web model knows that money starts dripping every minute only in a private chat. But how do you understand that this very private has begun? Many people get confused by the sound signals, don’t understand the interface, and are simply embarrassed to ask administrators such trivial questions once again. This is what the viewer takes advantage of.

In a free chat, he writes a message to the webcam saying that the private chat has already begun, “and you’re sitting here and not earning my money.” The model, not understanding how the chat begins, thinks that the member is really already paying for the communication and is starting to do everything for which she should be paid.

Important to remember
The start of a private chat always starts with a standard sound signal. No messages, notifications or oral statements can indicate the beginning of a private conversation. Such manipulations on the part of the visitor are grounds for a complaint to the site administration. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t be afraid to be deceived.

Option No. 2 – Administrative checks

In a free chat, the site administrator allegedly comes to you, saying that his responsibilities include checking the operation of the model in action. Find out as much as she can, so to speak, whether the show meets the company’s actual criteria.

Remember, no administrator will tell you about such things, check your work, etc. In such situations, feel free to disable or block the scammer, and file a complaint with the real site administration. If necessary, the administration will write you a message – a notification with the company logo.

Option #3 – Surprise

The third most common method of deception is imaginary tips. During the communication process (it doesn’t matter whether it’s a free or private chat), the webcam model receives a message with numbers stating that 5-10 $ have been credited to her account. She takes this message as reality, and tries her best to please the generous member.

On sites like LiveJasmin, such tips are always accompanied by colorful animation and sound signals, and the members themselves, who really decided to thank the webcam with a tip, never demand incentive dances, etc. in return.

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