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There are four types of earnings from communication:

  • text flirting (sexting) – correspondence with a person for money;
  • text flirting with additional content – correspondence with photographs or pre-shot videos;
  • video communication – through instant messengers, programs or webcam platforms, chat roulettes;
  • voice communication – conversational webcam, most often occurs over the phone or through instant messengers.

We have already discussed all types of communication in more detail in this article. Today we’ll look at sites where they pay for communicating with foreigners. Web communication with foreigners is possible on most webcam platforms – it is beneficial for services to expand their audience with English-speaking clients. Foreign clients pay more than Russian-speaking clients, that’s a fact.

Webcam – video chat with English-speaking users. There are two types of communication:

  • mass – the model simultaneously communicates with many users, payment occurs through donations (voluntary payments, they are also called tips);
  • private – the model communicates with one user, payment is made per minute.
  • It is not necessary to undress during communication: the platforms support two categories of content – flirting and passionate flirting. In the first, nudity is prohibited, in the second – not. According to statistics, models in the second category earn more money.

Despite the ease of access to webcam, you still need investments at the start: you will have to spend money on a good webcam and lighting. But this is only if you decide to work independently – without cooperation with an offline studio.

Sites that pay for communication

There are more and more webcam platforms from year to year: the niche is promising, there is demand. The most popular webcam is among single men – this is the main target audience of the services. Mostly, models are girls, but men can also successfully engage in webcam: there is little competition and less effort is needed to win an audience.

Recently, models have begun to conduct paired broadcasts (man + girl, girl + girl, man + man). Another fashionable trend is the participation of transsexual people in modeling, but not all platforms are open to the new.

There are five popular and proven sites on the Internet that make money from chatting: they have the most regular paying users, many convenient functions – built-in online translators, chatbots for automatically sending messages to users, “spying”.

Popular online chat rooms for communicating with foreigners for money:

  • LiveJasmin – high requirements for models and commensurately high payments, categories open only after checking the broadcasts (quality, appearance, organization of space), there is a Russian interface;
  • Chaturbate has a huge percentage of foreign audience, there is no Russian interface, there is a mobile version;
  • ImLive – models set the price for private sessions themselves, there is a mobile application, the main audience is the USA and Canada;
  • BongaCams is the most popular resource, commissions depend on the popularity of the models, payments in foreign currency, convenient mobile application;
  • CamContacts – a feature of the service is that communication takes place in the format of a video call: the model and the client see each other.

All services charge a commission for providing the opportunity to earn money. Commissions are floating, depending on the popularity of the models, on average from 30% to 60%.

If you want to work on your own, make sure you have a fast and stable Internet connection, good image quality on your webcam, and bright lighting.

The main advantage of working in a remote studio is lower commissions compared to offline companies with the same level of training.

If you want to join our studio, fill out the feedback form, write or call us. We will provide personal training on the job: we will teach you how to stay in the frame, help you communicate correctly with the audience, provide technical and psychological support, and provide a lot of educational materials – articles, interviews with models, instructions. We will select a site according to your individual request!

How to make money from communication?

To start earning money, you need to do the following:

  • decide on the type of work – independent, in an online or offline studio;
  • make sure that the Internet connection is reliable – failures in broadcasts make customers angry;
  • check the quality of the shooting – test the camera and lighting before broadcasting, the picture should be clear and bright;
  • decide which category to work in – “flirting” or “passionate flirting”;
  • Prepare photographs for the application form – it is best to use the help of a photographer.

Sources of earnings for web models:

  • Private chats with per-minute payment.
  • General chats with donations.
  • Selling access to restricted content for money.
  • Peeping eyes.

The main income of web models is payment for private chats. Over time, the models have a group of regular loyal customers who provide the models with a stable monthly income. Private chats are good because they are paid by the minute: the model needs to maintain an interesting dialogue for as long as possible in order to get more money.

This is where the difficulty arises – if you do this intrusively, the client may feel used. Therefore, you need to show a natural interest in the viewer, keep them in a non-aggressive manner, and intrigue. In a chat, you must be polite, pleasant and friendly, even if the client behaves rudely and aggressively. After communication, you can simply block the viewer. Clients, in turn, evaluate communication with the model on a point scale. The higher the scores, the higher the place in the overall broadcast rating.

On average, the cost of a private minute varies from $2 to $10.

In addition to private chats, you can earn money for performing actions from the menu type in general broadcasts. Menu type is a list of actions with prices that the model is ready to perform. Important: failure to fulfill what was promised will result in blocking from the site! Therefore, take the creation of a menu seriously: write only what you are really ready to complete.

Selling access to restricted content can be different: you can post photos on specialized platforms (for example, OnlyFans), make social networks private and give access after transferring to a card. Models use Facebook and Instagram more often – there are more English-speaking users there, and therefore more earnings. Almost all popular broadcast models leave a link to OnlyFans.

Voyeurism is the connection of a member to a private chat between a model and another member at a reduced price. Some sites support group voyeurism – models earn many times more thanks to this feature.

How to become a web model?

To make a career out of communicating on the Internet for money, you need to prepare – create a good portfolio with high-quality photographs for a future profile. It is best to contact a professional photographer for a full photo shoot. Offline studios often conduct photo shoots for models on their own – they take a large percentage of the income, so it is profitable for them for the model to become popular and invest in her promotion.

If your budget is limited, you can turn to novice photographers, makeup artists, and stylists. They charge a little, but you will have to carefully control the quality of the work – the photos must be attractive, neat.


Many aspiring models are subject to the myth that only beautiful people become popular. This is not true: beauty alone cannot hold a client’s attention. You need to be able to communicate—to hear the viewer, change content based on their needs, and build an emotional connection with them. This is all very important for private chat, because clients come to personal chat not just for a beautiful picture of a naked girl.

People come there to get rid of the feeling of loneliness, to feel needed, loved, significant. However, grooming, neatness and neatness are important. Therefore, forgetting to wash your hair or performing broadcasts with smeared mascara is a bad option. It is better to use natural makeup with high-quality cosmetics so that nothing smears or bleeds into the air.

Chatting with girls for money
Communication for money is a universal mechanism for earning money. It is suitable for girls, boys, couples and transsexual people. Nowadays the biggest competition for users is among girls, men and transsexuals, so the niche is practically free.

However, the mere fact of a free niche is not enough for success – you will have to make an effort. Take care of your appearance, dress nicely, perhaps even use a little cosmetics to brighten your eyebrows and eyelashes or cover up acne with foundation.

Webcam is interesting because you can become popular thanks to your own creativity. Anyone can undress or use an erotic toy, but building a truly interesting dialogue that you won’t want to leave is difficult, but at the same time it immediately makes you stand out from the crowd of other models.

Think about your strengths, build content based on them, analyze the audience’s reaction and make adjustments. Then you can definitely achieve success!

How to attract viewers to the broadcast

The number of viewers of the total broadcast affects the place in the broadcast rating. Webcam platforms operate according to the following logic: a lot of people watch the model, which means the content is interesting, and you can promote it to the top.

Lifehacks to attract viewers:

Choose bright clothes to stand out from the crowd. Clothes must be clean and varied. The same things become boring.
Use high-quality cosmetics so that they do not spoil your skin and do not stand out when shooting. Cheap cosmetics dry out the skin, clog pores, roll off, smear and cause an oily sheen. You should look natural and neat.
Be friendly, be sure to say hello to each new participant in the broadcast, and ask questions. To relieve some of your stress, you can use built-in chatbots – programs that automatically write messages according to given scripts.
Constantly develop yourself. Learn something new that you can talk about on air, improve your knowledge of the English language. This will be useful in the future: in private, even with an online translator, the conversation will not look natural. Therefore, it is best when the model can speak fluent English – without pauses, looking down at reference books, or clicking on the keyboard while entering phrases into the online translator. Study psychology and your audience, watch broadcasts of other webcam models and analyze the reaction of viewers.
Change angles. The same picture gets boring, you need to add dynamics – some movements, changes in poses, perhaps a little dancing.

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