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First of all, when you start an online broadcast, be sure to write the topic of your chat. The main task of the topic is to inform your guests about what you will do and how much your show costs. Remember, once the work is completed, the topic disappears, and you need to fill it out every time before starting the broadcast. The topic and topic of your chat can be quite varied. Filling out the topic is very important, so the guests of your room will pay you a tip and invite you to a private or group meeting if you ask for it.

Example of topics and description of your actions

First of all, models need a top to attract viewers into the room. On many webcam sites, topics are filled using tags (hashtags) that begin with the # symbol. To attract more viewers to your room, you need to approach creating a topic responsibly.

For example, you can indicate your hair color or figure in the topic using hashtags – #blonde/brubette – blonde/brunette, #skinny/chubby – thin/plump, #young/mature – young/adult, etc.

If the topic you compiled did not bring the expected result within a few days of work, consult with your manager, you may be offered to replace or add something. Don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with something new!

In addition, in the topic you can write a private invitation using the private or pvt tags. If you like it when a member turns on his camera in private, you can put the c2c hashtag.

IMPORTANT: You can write whatever you want in the topic, but before doing so, be sure to consult with your manager. Tip: no matter what you offer, always write an invitation to a private chat.

How to work as a web model in paid chat?

Your main task is to keep your guests in a paid chat (private, group) for as long as possible. Usually, when going into a paid chat, you may be asked to do what they want to see. You can additionally ask for a tip for the service. The most important thing to remember is don’t rush anywhere! The best thing to do when switching to a paid chat is to start a very slow and smooth striptease.

Your task is to be as sexy as possible, but at the same time not to show everything at once. You can correspond with the guest and ask if he likes what you do. The longer you can keep a guest private, the more you can earn. Therefore, it is important not to make the stupid mistake of showing everything at once. Successful models train and plan their shows in advance in order to always be at the highest level and not lose the opportunity to earn money. A good paid show should last between 10 minutes and 1 hour.

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