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Many models, having registered on our website and gained access to webcam sites, often ask the question “what’s next?” Today we will tell you how to correctly fill out your topic before the broadcast and how to communicate with your chat guests.

How to communicate with men if you are a web model?

For a webcam model, it is very important to be able to find an individual approach to each viewer, skillfully guess his desires and bring them to life. You need to be genuinely interested in the client and what they want to talk to you about, not just about making money. Under no circumstances should a model talk to members about their own experiences and complexes, because you are perfection itself, and the viewer should also be sure of this. Communication with members should take place in an easy and relaxed manner.

Never blame them for forgetting about you and stopping coming to broadcasts, preferring the company of other models. After all, the reason is solely in you – something is wrong with your broadcast or with yourself (you are not emotional, inactive during broadcasts, do not take the initiative in communicating with the member, your broadcasts are monotonous). It’s better to focus on how you missed him and remember pleasant moments from your past private conversations, but in no case make scenes of jealousy.

This approach will make the member feel important and he will be increasingly drawn to you. Take an interest in how your client is doing and chat about everyday topics. If this is your regular client, then take notes: his name, where he lives, the names of his pets, what he likes to talk about and his hobbies. Use this information in your next broadcasts and the member will definitely appreciate it, and you will receive a generous reward.

Webcam communication with foreigners

In free chat, unregistered users can also write to models; you should also pay attention to them and devote time to them, but not to the detriment of registered users and your regular customers. They are your top priority! Be sure to respond to personal messages – this is your target audience.

Also on some sites you have the opportunity to view the amount of money the interlocutor has, but in most cases, the money in the member’s account does not mean anything, since most guests top up the account right before spending the money. Therefore, your main task is to motivate the guest to top up their account to communicate with you in a private chat!

Guest – an unregistered visitor to the site (does not have an account on the site, or the person is not authorized on the site)
Initial user/Basic member – a registered user of the site who has never topped up his account.
Premium user/Premium member – a registered user of the site who has replenished his account.
Your task is to pay attention to each of the users, since any guest can top up their account and spend money on you if you can interest and motivate them! And in most cases, guests only top up when they are ready to spend money. It’s important to remember this!

Periodically hint your visitors to pay you. Here you need to show ingenuity, because you cannot talk about it openly, but no one has canceled hints. But you shouldn’t be too persistent and intrusive. It is more than normal for a webcam model to ask for a tip or invite a user privately.
Remind often that visitors will be able to see the main show in a private or group chat. But you shouldn’t promise that you are ready to do anything in a paid chat. For failure to fulfill promises in a private chat, the model can be fined. When a visitor goes into a paid chat, your task is simply to prolong the time of communication with him as much as possible. The more time you spend in a private chat with a member, the higher your income will be, since the member pays per minute for communication on a webcam.

You can ask the guest to turn on the camera while chatting privately. This feature is called Cam2Cam. It allows the model to also see and hear the member, which leaves much more emotions from communication and is remembered for a long time. On some sites, the guest pays for the opportunity to turn on the microphone and camera separately from the per-minute payment for private services.
Be bright and individual. A webcam model does not have to meet all beauty standards in order to attract viewers to her broadcasts. On the contrary, members appreciate the natural beauty of the model, and the number of fans will only grow if you can find a certain zest in yourself and make it your calling card. Experiment by trying on different bright looks and trying out a variety of makeup. In this case, your success is guaranteed!
I don’t know English, what should I do? – this is one of the most common questions that arises among beginning webcam models or those who are just about to try themselves in the webcam business. Many of the successful webcam models started out without knowledge of English or with minimal knowledge acquired in school.

In addition, each of our models has access to a dictionary of the most commonly used words and abbreviations in the English language, which greatly facilitates their work. Thanks to working in video chat, many models improve their knowledge of a foreign language in the shortest possible time. Working as a webcam model is an excellent incentive to improve your knowledge, which will definitely come in handy in other areas of your life – for example, when traveling abroad.

At first, it is enough to use an online translator. When communicating with members, simply copy messages from the chat using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+C” (copy) and “Ctrl+V” (paste) into the translator window, which it is advisable to keep open at all times. The key combination “Ctrl+F” (search) will help you quickly find an unfamiliar word in the dictionary.

You can write down the main phrases on a piece of paper (or print it out) and hang it up so that the necessary words are always before your eyes. Over time, your vocabulary will expand and you will be able to speak freely with members. To get started, it will be enough to chat, but we do not recommend remaining silent all the time. It is advisable to turn on the microphone in any case so that music that suits the current image or mood can be heard in the background.

It is also worth remembering that body and body language have not yet been canceled, the main thing is to turn on your imagination in time. And mistakes in the pronunciation of words can look very cute if they are played correctly. Visitors to webcam sites are well aware that a foreigner is sitting on the other side of the screen, so they initially do not expect her to have an impeccable knowledge of the language. In addition, there is a type of man who loves to teach inexperienced girls, and it doesn’t matter what. So, most likely, the audience will also help you quickly learn English.

Topic for webcam models

We have put together a few recommendations for you that will allow you to fill out a topic on the site and conduct a successful broadcast.

Be sure to fill out the topic of your chat (what it is and where it is located is written in the instructions for using the site). In the topic you need to write the cost of your show. For this you can use a translator.
Flirt with your chat guests. Offer them a variety of show options, show your attention by blowing kisses and greeting them. And after the broadcast is over, add as friends the users who left you tips and took you private. Then you can write them a message and invite them to your next streams.
Reply to messages in the free chat, but don’t do it continuously. There are a lot of wealthy and generous members on the site, but there are also people who want to see a free show. Your dialogue should be structured carefully, but at the same time you should be straightforward. Ask how the member is doing and what he wants to see. Find out what you can do for him. Ask if he has money, and then invite him to a private chat.

Topics of conversation for webcam models

Pay attention to your regular members, show them various signs of attention. For example, use the notes function and note down the name of each regular customer, their hobbies, and other personal information that will be useful to you in the future. But what to talk about with a member in private? Here are some topics to talk about with a member:

  • If you are communicating for the first time, first of all find out his name;
  • Ask what the member expects from your communication;
  • Ask how his day was;
  • Ask or discuss any facts or news with him;
  • Discuss his hobbies or pets.
  • We hope that after reading this article, communication with members will become much easier and clearer for you. We wish you success!
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